Ayurvedic Oil

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hair fall

Price: 190 INR/Piece

Control Premature greying Dandruff Inadequate growth ,

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Jatyadi Oil

Price: 190 INR/Carton

Heals wounds quickly Applied Externally , on non healing wounds ,sinus ,blisters ,bite wounds useful in burns Mouth diseases ,Eczema , Syphilis Anal fissure

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King Forte Oil

Price: 180 INR/Case

KING FORTE OIL Be the King of your life King forte Oil is a Unique formulation containing combination of Shatawarioil- Stimulant, Laung oil provide local anesthetic effect and, and Mahabala oil- improves blood flow to the penis tissue. • Improves & helps maintain erection • Acts on hypothalamus & limbic system to improve libido • Enhance blood circulation in muscles of penis • Non-Hormonal safe sex stimulant

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Dr. Neuro Oil

Price: 140 INR/Case

Dr. NEURO OIL The Deep reaching Hot Analgesic Dr. Neuro Oil is a combination of traditionally used aromatic oils with known pain relieving effect. Onset of action is prompt, ensuring quick relief. Joint/Muscular pain, stiff joints, backache etc respond very well to Dr. Neuro Oil. • Unique combination of aromatic oils • Ensures deep penetration • Site specific action • Capsicum Oil ensures counter irritant effect


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